Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm honored and excited to announce that this week, basketball fever hits the OLJ blog and we'll have a special guest taking over: Coach Will McFadden. He is a successful actor AND helps lead an amazing high school bball team in Los Angeles and it's a very important week for them here, I proudly introduce you to my one and only brother, Coach Will:


"The super bowl is over, but for one group of eleven young men and two coaches, the super bowl isn't for another few days. For a few months, I have had the privilege of coaching a high school basketball team. It is a tiny progressive private school that is known for accommodating alternative learning styles. Most of the schools we play are vastly bigger and have far more impressive facilities. We don't have a football team. We don't have cheerleaders. We don't even have a home gym. Thus, we have never had a home game. We often practice outside or find ourselves locked out of rec. center gyms that we try to rent when available. The team only won four games last year and two were by forfeit. To start this season, we lost ten of our first 11 games. And then... we started becoming a team. On Friday, we play the last game on our schedule. If we win, we secure second in the league, and we go to the State Playoffs. If we lose, our season is over, and for the seven seniors on the team, their basketball careers are over. They don't want it to be our last game. Join me here all this week to learn about this exceptional group of young men, and the joy and anguish of being their coach."


Sarah G said...

excellent! I'm in for the ride!! Dashing coach, too :)

Betty Wison said...

very cool series -- and what a handsome brother you have!

Anonymous said...