Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pet Post -- Tai Shan Tribute

I have been in shock and sadness all afternoon over Tai Shan's last day at the DC Zoo before he is sent back to China. From watching his eyes open for the first time live on the pandacam, to stepping on kids at the zoo to see his 1st birthday cake, to watching his games and smile over the years...oh man will he be missed.

Story and video from the Washington Post here


Michelle Omama said...

DC will never be the same...agreed. What a cutie! Great pics, Liza.

Lovely Louise said...

SO CUTE OH MY GOSH how i miss him!!

Great tribute.


french mastiff said...

Yes indeed i really like the pics and i surely say that Tin shan will really feel sad after going back to the home,as he will surely miss the DC Zoo and it will again take time to settle in the new but old home.