Friday, February 12, 2010

COACH WILL -- The Conclusion

 TODAY IS THE BIG GAME!! Wish Coach Will and the Jaguars luck today as they fight to move forward in what has proven to be an incredible season. And now for the Coach's continuation from yesterday:


Suffice it to say, that when they went up against me that day in practice, they magically became the best basketball players in the city.  The D was tenacious and they suddenly had the killer instinct of a trained assassin.  They were hitting shots I’ve never seen them even attempt. It was frustrating to see that this side of them lays dormant and they must be given permission to let it loose. I wanted them to give themselves permission.

Yes, I was literally a man among boys, and yes, I played college basketball, but my point to them was that they could compete, and that it was a challenge to relish- an opportunity to find new limits.  But I didn’t need words anymore. As soon as I started winning, they became so determined as a unit not to let me steamroll them like I said I would. Sure enough, one of the “boys” who happens to be 6’6” won the contest. I was thrilled. One thing was clear, and to me it was very good news: If they were pushed, they pushed back.


Lovely Louise said...

This takes inspiration to an all new level. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, "Conclusion"?
The game has yet to be played! Those of us following this need a post-game blog. Don't leave us hanging, we're begging for more.