Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jams -- How's Your News?!

Two of my heroes: Susan Harrington and Ingrid Ammann

Me by the famous HYN bus

Last night's show at the Bowery rocked the roof off. The 4-song set managed to be the most magical and invigorating 30 minutes of my life. Made me feel like Barack Obama was elected again. Be sure to check out the new MTV series here!


Matt Cassity said...

set list?

William said...

Nothing turns my frowns upside down like my sis and the HYN team! I am going to need to see 73 more pictures of that event. Not only is HYN the only show on MTV that's watchable, it's the best new show on TV, period.

Alex said...

Did you raid the merch table like you said you would?! I want to see more pics, too!!!

Liza Jane said...

-Theme song, "How's Your News" (Sue Harrington's commanding and operatic vocals really brought down the house)
-Texas (with an amazing "stories" section by Sean Costello)
-Random incredible jam (lead by Bobby Bird)
-N.E.W. Y.O.R.K. (the crowd went bananas; I jumped and screamed through the whole 10 minute song) -- The stage almost blew up. And then it was over.