Saturday, February 14, 2009

Art Review -- Calder's "The Paris Years"

From "Calder's Circus," 1926-1933

"Fanni, the Belly Dancer"
AP photo by Sheldan Collins
For more images, check out the Whitney's site here

From the elaborate use of eclectic materials to the quirky film direction, Calder won me over in this bizarre peek into his early Paris years. (Note: I am a sucker for wire sculpture). The remarkable craftsmanship took backseat to the creative output achieved in his characters. And seeing the exhibit with Ruby, a wide-eyed one year-old friend, accentuated the excitement the work demands!


Con Vivo said...

I LOVED this show!!! I love Oh Liza Jane!!

Anonymous said...

We saw this on Sat the 14th and there were so many children and it was all truly magical!! If you missed it, see it in Paris soon! Becky