Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kaari Upson

My dislike for this overly "loved-up" holiday has brought me back to the scary side of love, as shown by artist Kaari Upson. She takes a story of a playboy she once dated and teases/tortures the audience as the lines of her true identity are as blurred as they are exposed. From the Hammer press release: "He became her obsession. Her lover. Her nemesis. Her muse. Her father. This was not even about finding out who Larry was anymore. She had crossed the line and blindly leapt into an alternate world. As [Upson] explains it, 'The objective reality of the man I construct collapses into the subjective fiction I create, until they merge and I am more him than he is.'"


kellyr said...

Pretty intense. I like!

Anonymous said...

The artist never dated Larry. She has never even met him.

Liza Jane said...

even better!