Thursday, February 14, 2008

Image Inspiration

This piece by James Rosenquist is the first and only piece I have ever liked of his. Is this because:

1. the title, "Hommage to Frank O'Hara" makes me think of Frank O'Hara, whom I adore?
2. the murky blue water with reflecting flag reminds me of fourth of Julys spent on the Chesapeake Bay?
3. I found this image in an antiquated box that clearly had not been opened for 20 years, thus giving me a rush from art ghosts past?!


kr said...

Where did you find this? In what box? I love anything that involves F.O'Hara. xo!

Liza Jane said...

found in an old metal box hidden under my desk-- from the late 70's i think...always meant to open it, finally was worth the dust!