Thursday, April 8, 2010

Art Review -- Elliott Hundley

What a treat to see Elliott Hundley's new work!! His sweet younger brother was wise to turn my attention to this incredible exhibit (thanks, Martin!) I enjoyed the show so much that I went back to share the experience with my family. The intricate details within every inch of the colossal collages hooked me right in, and the stand-out sculptural works felt like floating clouds of carefully executed chaos -- delicate and deliberate. Please check out "Agave of the Bacchae" at Andrea Rosen Gallery, through May 1, 2010.

Above: My mom, going in for a closer look.
Below: A detail from one of Hundley's massive works


Ima Janet said...

Hi Liz, These paintings are amazing. Thanks for the lead, i will go for sure. Meanwhile I'm playing Oh Liza Jane whenever I'm at home, like right now. Love it.

Ima Janet said...

I forgot that my user name on Google won't be familiar. The message is from me, Janet Hollander.