Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dreams -- Many Moods

I had a dream about this movie last night, and for some reason, these two stills from Stranger than Fiction encapsulate my moods today.

I'm feeling sentimental:

(from when Will Ferrell's character brings a gift to his romantic interest, a cute & creative baker. He's all, "I brought you flours")

And wildly overwhelmed:

(from when the character thinks he's lost his mind...)

Sweet & Crazed,
Xo Liza


Jenny Bling said...

this is an underrated film, i think. and the thought of flour, makes me think of cakes, makes me realize, i am starving.

Spencer said...

I had a dream we all get along. Then Peanut Butter walk in and look at me all cocky like Fonzie and make me feel less than.