Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reading List -- A Book of Ages

Here are some of the author's picks for some of the most interesting ages in his map of cultural history:


Sigmund Freud sees his mother naked, 1859.


Mick Jagger meets Keith Richards, 1947.


Hank Williams learns to drink liquor while living for a year with his cousins’ family in Fountain, Alabama, 1933.

AGE 11

In 1934 Charles Schulz’s family gets a new black and white dog. His name isn’t Snoopy.

AGE 16

John Lennon meets Paul McCartney for the first time at a church fete in Liverpool, 1957.

AGE 22

Salvador Dali meets Picasso, 1926. Picasso tells him he was wise to visit him instead of the Louvre.

AGE 30

Elvis Presley receives a visit from the Beatles at Graceland, August, 1965. Because he can’t tell them apart and doesn’t know their names he addresses each of them individually as “Beatle.”

AGE 46

Ernest Hemingway divorces third wife Martha Gellhorn for laughing at him, 1945.

AGE 58

In 1958, Alfred Hitchcock directs the film Vertigo which is about an older man who persuades a younger woman to change the way she wears her hair.

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