Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bringing in the New -- Art Review

The New Museum's current show invigorates and confuses just the right amount to balance a thought-provoking and aesthetically exciting exhibit: "The Generational: Younger Than Jesus." 50 artists from 25 countries lend their artistic flare into a whirlwind ensemble. All under the age of 33, the museum hopes to illustrate art's young, fresh and new perspective on what we call "Contemporary." Visit the museum here

Jerry Saltz reviews: "'Younger Than Jesus' indicates that the alchemical essence known as the sublime, the primal buzz of it all, is no longer in God or nature or abstraction. These young artists show us that the sublime has moved into us, that we are the sublime; life, not art, has become so real that it’s almost unreal. Art is being reanimated by a sense of necessity, free of ideology or the compulsion to illustrate theory. Art is breaking free." via NY Magazine

Remnants of "The 24-Hour Roman Reconstruction Project" by Liz Glynn and several volunteers.

Detail of Josh Smith's "Large Collage," 2009

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