Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gee's Bend Quilts

With all the new families being started these days, I want to get into the quilting scene so I can give awesome gifts to little ones. My blanket has been with me for over 25 years now and so I know the impact that some colored cloth can have on a kid. But once I started getting interested in quilting patterns, I became wildly intimidated; there are some tough ones out there! Then I remembered an amazing show I saw at the Corcoran called, "The Quilts of Gee's Bend" and promptly regained my inspiration. After some research on their website, I was tickled by their approach to naming their pieces of art:
"Gee’s Benders have coined their own terms for common quilt patterns. They call the Roman Stripes or Fence Rail pattern a "Crazy" quilt (no relation to the Crazy quilts made with irregular scraps)."

Now I can make a crazy quilt!

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